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Battlefield 1 Revolution – War is the most brutal thing created by mankind

Battlefield 1 Revolution tells a story about a topic, which is rarely presented in games. The First World War, conflict which in opinion of many was far more brutal and tragic than the Second World War. You will be able to use first generation tanks, fly triplanes or even fight on horse.

On the other hand you will also be forced to stand against real horrors of this conflict. Trenches full of mud and dead bodies, deadly chemical weapons and the worst of all, machineguns. These modern weapons are able to turn a battalion of soldiers into shreds within minutes. Are you ready to face such horrors of war?

Battles you known from history lessons

In Battlefield 1 Revolution you will be able to participate in real battles from First World War. You can for example participate in the Battle of Verdun. In the campaign itself you are going to learn about six different “war stories”. Various people from different armies fighting in campaigns on different fronts.

A young British soldier, an Italian boy barely 20 years old searching for his missing brother, a Beduin female rebel fighting against Ottomans, an Australian army veteran, an American pilot. Their stories are going to teach you so much about the conflict, which is forgotten due to the influence of its younger brother, Second World War. During the campaign you are also going to meet various historical characters. The most interesting being Thomas Edward Lawrence. Quite controversial figure.

Battlefield 1 Revolution Origin Key provides you with a lot of different content

If you love Battlefield 1 or if you simply want to start your adventure with the title, then the good idea is to invest in Battlefield 1 Revolution Origin Key. The pack itself provides you with various content. Besides the basic game, the pack gives you the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. With this you get new expansion packs, weapons etc. There are four DLC-s:

  • Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass – which tells the story about French soldiers trying to defend their country,
  • Battlefield 1 in the Name of Tsar – which focuses on the Russian army,
  • Battlefield 1 Turning Tides – which provides you with a possibility to participate in the naval warfare,
  • Battlefield 1 Apocalypse – which takes you straight to most brutal battlefields of the First World War.

Besides you also gain access to the Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack and Hellfighter Pack. With so much content you’re definitely going to have hours of an addictive gameplay.


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